Vintage Paris Aromatherapy Lavender Weighted Eye Pillow


Each CelestialSews handmade weighted lavender eye pillow...


Is FILLED FRESH when ordered and handmade with soft cotton fabrics in a variety of fun prints to match any personality!  Double layered with a soft muslin inner lining and over-lock stitched throughout.


Is PERFECTLY WEIGHTED with a dried herbal blend of organic lavender buds and whole flax seeds, each eye pillow measures 9 X 4 inches, and weighs 5.6 oz., which is considered the optimal weight to relax the muscles around the eyes to ease tension, stress, and fatigue caused by digital devices, computer monitors, reading, or driving long distances.


Is LIGHT BLOCKING and provides you with the darkness needed for a soothing transition to sleep


RELIEVES swollen eyes and migraines when chilled in the freezer before use.


SOOTHES the eyes with pressure to relieve puffiness


COMFORTS tired eyes when warmed in a microwave


ASSISTS inner focus during your YOGA and MEDITATION practice by blocking out light.  Thus aiding you in reaching a deeper state of relaxation.


All CelestialSews Lavender Eye Pillows come INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED, perfect for gifting or retail, each eye pillow comes in a clear cello package with instructions for use card.



All of my products are handmade in my smoke-free, pet-free sewing loft in rural Vermont.

Ships in 1 business day!






The actual seed of flax contains 30 – 40% of an oil known as Flaxseed Oil that remains inside the seed. When the seeds are heated, their soft shell allows moisture to be absorbed. As the seeds cool, a moist heat is released. Flaxseeds heat quickly and retain heat for up to 45 minutes.  Flaxseeds also provide weight and contour beautifully to the shape of your face

Unlike Flaxseeds, when rice is used as a filler, it attracts bugs, tends to clump and loses its ability to retain water, then eventually emits a foul odor.


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Parisian Sewing Room Eye Pillow