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DIY Keepsake Skirt Sachets

As a handmade maker and e-commerce business owner, I am frequently asked during Graduation season, to sew/design custom order laundry bags in school colors etc., or to create batches of fabric party favor gift bags for classrooms of kindergartners for “moving up” day!

However, this project request took me by total surprise and struck a personal chord with me as a Mom!

An Etsy customer contacted me with a special request to turn her daughter’s parochial school uniform skirts into keepsake lavender sachets for her and 9 of her friends!

I was so touched by this Mom’s request (and secretly envious that I had not thought to do that with my own daughters skirts so many years ago), that I leapt at the chance to tackle this project and to create something wonderful and timeless for her daughter’s special day!

That’s when I realized that there are so many other people out there just like this Mom, who would absolutely love to honor such milestones and memories of their child through the making of little fabric keepsakes!

So I set out to photograph and provide DIY instructions every step of the way! (Each skirt makes 4-6 square sachets, depending upon skirt size of course).

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